Dec 8, 2006

Lately, after taking her bath, Kristin always asks to put on a dress. Keep in mind, we're not going out or anything, she just wants to wear a dress at home. Of course, she had to wear her new shoes too. HUGE FEET WARNING:


I've been taking big K to Starbucks every Friday after school for hot chocolate and cookies. Sure I could probably make the hot chocolate at home, but it's nice spending a little one on one time with her. Well, today I got her a huge snowman cookie instead of the usual madeleine cookies. I told her she could have a few bites and save the rest for after dinner. She carefully gnawed off a tiny bit off the bottom, and reluctantly put the remainder of the cookie back in the bag.

It was great motivation for her to eat her dinner.

You could tell it wasn't her favorite dish, but she still ate away like a champ knowing what was waiting for her after she finished.

The smirk of satisfaction


And here's little K, with her own little smirk.

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