Mar 23, 2009

sweet tooth

sweet tooth, originally uploaded by jwlphotography.

We took the kids to the Jelly Belly factory this past weekend. It was pretty interesting to see all the manufacturing that goes behind the making of these little candies. Unfortunately we didn't get to actually see them being made, but we did get a free tour of the factory and a bag of Jelly Bellies at the end of the tour. 

Mar 12, 2009



Kayla really adores Kristin. Actually, they really adore each other. I love watching them interact together, and seeing how Kayla looks up to Kristin, as if she's the most important person in the world. Last weekend, Selina took Kayla to a schoolmates birthday party and I spent the day with Kristin. Kristin kept asking about Kayla.....when she was coming back, how she misses her, where is she....etc. Then I found out Kayla was asking the same things, and how she misses Kristin, she wants Kristin, she wants to see Kristin. It's amazing to witness the bond between them.

What is also amazing is how much Kayla loves her fruits and vegetables. By the time I had finished taking this shot, she had eaten more than half of this carrot, which is not an easy task, since it was raw.

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