Jun 19, 2012

39 lbs

I got this card from the K's for fathers day. So sweet of them :)


Kristin made me a new macbook, complete with charger.


Kayla made this awesome card that is supposed to be a shirt. Apparently I weigh 39 lbs, enjoy eating spaghetti, watching TV, taking pictures of them, and I'm special at making Kayla famous.


Kristin also made this hand print for me. Now I can always have a high five from her at anytime.


Best part of fathers day. nom, nom, nom.


Jun 15, 2012

Summer has officially started.....

.....kicked off by the last day of school, and these two couldn't be happier.

last day of school

Can't believe it's on to 1st grade for Kayla and 4th grade for Kristin already. I still remember taking this at the start of the school year just 2 years ago. Can't believe how much they both have grown (and how dark Kristin got).

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