Feb 28, 2007

Baby in a bag

I got this great idea for Baby in a bag. Take one baby, one Domke J1 camera bag = Baby in a bag!

Sigh...........Kristin is growing up too fast : (
It seemed like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms and singing her lullabies and she would coo back to me. Now she's like "Daddy, I want some nail polish!" Next thing I know, she'll be asking for the car keys.

Feb 27, 2007

Curious K

"Hmmm, I wonder what's inside this tin can?"

New sunglasses!

Feb 26, 2007

Rain Rain Rain

We had some wild weather here today. Hail, and lots of it. Kayla was very curious to see what all the ruckus was.

Kristin came to check out the hail too.

Feb 25, 2007

Kyle's B-day bash

No, not this Kyle.

This Kyle:

Kyle is Kristin's buddy from school. He invited Kristin and a bunch of his classmates to Parti Palooza in Livermore. Kristin played basketball....

Air Hockey...

and foosball.

She had a great time.

This is her classmate R.J. He's a cutie too.

and Kristin got to eat b-day cake 2 days in a row.

Feb 24, 2007

Kal-el turns 1

This was Kal-el in October 2006.

Look at him now! He's got teeth and all, and look at the super cute hair. It looks just like his dads hair.

It was so funny, during the cake cutting, Kristin was waiting so patiently for a piece of the chocolate cake. She wouldn't even blink her eyes, just kept staring at the cake.

"Finally, CAKE!!"

Feb 23, 2007

Serious face & Silly face





I love Kayla's little mohawk.

Feb 22, 2007

Another rainy day

Too wet to play outside today, so the K's stayed indoors. Kayla was getting tired of playing with her toys.......

so she found Kristin's feet to be of great interest and started playing with them.

6 Month Checkup

Kayla had her 6 month check up today.
Weight: 17.1 lbs, 67% of growth percentile based on weight for age
Height: 2' 2", 64% of growth percentile based on length for age
Head Circumference: 17.52", 92% of growth percentile based on Head Circumference for age

Feb 20, 2007

Locked up

Kayla hates staying in her crib. It's like a prison for her. We need to start getting her more accustomed to staying in there so we can get her sleeping in her crib.

She's so much happier when she's out of her crib.......

I take for granted how easy going Kristin was when she was a baby. We always say she's naughty, but compared to Kayla, she's a piece of cake. She even like to do homework : )

Feb 19, 2007

New Shoes

Kristin has been wearing her Crocs to school and every day she comes home with shoes full of bark and sand from the playground. Sometimes when I go pick her up she goes "Daddy, I have too much bark in my shoes" and she has trouble walking. We went shopping on Sunday and let her pick her own shoes, and she picked these:

Feb 18, 2007

Happy New Year

This is Kayla's first Chinese New Year. She doesn't know what's going on, she just likes to play with the 'lai-see'.

We brought the 2 K's to the park today, and I re-discovered that Kayla really doesn't like sitting on the grass.

And as usual, Kristin wanted to play on the swings....

and go running around.........

She always loves going to the park and is already looking forward to the next time.

Feb 17, 2007

My Grasses

I picked up a new pair of glasses today and of course Kristin had to try them on. She calls them her "Sun Grasses".