Feb 20, 2011

Too much TV turns you into....

couch potatoes

We don't let the kiddos watch a lot of TV, maybe 3-4 hours per week. When they do watch TV, they just veg out and don't move during the entire duration. I can see where the term 'couch potatoes' comes from.


Thanks to Clint Davis for making the new header

Feb 14, 2011

bieber fever

Happy Valentines Day!

bieber fever

Kristin and Kayla enjoy listening to the high pitched, catchy tunes of Justin Bieber. Me, not so much. They also like the young Michael Jackson songs when he with the Jackson 5. When we got this copy of Vanity Fair in the mail, Kayla's eyes opened wide and said "OOHH Justin BEAVER!!!"

Kinda off topic, but I started a facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/kristinandkayla I'll be posting behind the scenes stuff (lighting, setup, before/after shots) there so feel free to add it if you are on facebook : )


Feb 3, 2011

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Who doesn't love angry birds?

Angry bird...