Aug 13, 2009

You're the best Dad in the whole wide......

Last year we took Kayla to Six Flags for her birthday. This year, we asked her where she wanted to go, and of course, it was Six Flags....again. So we braved the hot weather for fun day filled with junk food, sunblock, aquatic animals, and kiddie rides.


Kayla isn't particularly fond of roller coaster rides, as evident by the next 2 pictures.



Kristin is another story. She loves these rides.


.....And splashing around in the water area


You can't tell by this picture, but Kayla really enjoyed the water area as well.


She liked it so much, she started doing her happy dance.



After a long day, we had a late dinner and Kayla enjoyed a nice big slice of cheesecake.
After finishing her dessert, she then looked at me and said, "DADDY, DADDY! You are the BEST the whole...wide...TABLE!" Table? TABLE?


Aug 12, 2009

You light up my life

you light up my life

Kayla turns 3 today. Another year gone, so many memories. I can't believe she's 3 already : (

This is how I still picture her, right after she was born: