Dec 31, 2009

Year in Pictures 2009

Another year has gone by, and I end it with some of my favorite images from 2009. Please enjoy the slideshow as much as I enjoyed making the images. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!

slideshow 2009 jwlphotography

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Dec 30, 2009

Eat your dinner

Typical facial expressions from Kayla when we tell her to finish her dinner.
(and yes, those are rollers in her hair, and a hair net on her head. She wanted curly hair lol)


Dec 26, 2009

Run, like no one is watching......

What I wish to be young again, running around without a care in the world....


Becoming a train conductor on that imaginary train track........


Conquering that mountain.....


even if it's only a few feet high....


Kung Fu fighting against that imaginary opponent....


Chasing after bubbles like they were butterflies......


Having that slight fear of crossing that wobbly bridge...


Imagining a slide as a roller coaster that you never have to wait in line for...


Swinging so high you feel like you can reach the sky.......



Until your parents tell you that it's time to go home......


"Just 5 more minutes!"


Hope everyone got what they wished for from Santa this year : )

Dec 23, 2009

He's gonna find out..........

.......who's been naughty or nice. Unfortunately, these 2 have definitely been naughty this year.

He's gonna find out who's been naughty or nice......

In all seriousness, as Kristin is getting older, she seems to behave a little better (or at least around us). Kayla on the other hear of terrible 2's, well she is a terrible 3....x 2. I was hoping that threats of Santa watching her would help, but it hasn't worked so far.

When asked what she wanted from Santa for Christmas this year...Ice Skates. Ice Skates? She has never set foot in a skating rink, let alone seen a skating rink. I wonder where she got that idea from. We couldn't find "play" ice skates, so we got her some roller skates instead, and we'll be taking them iceskating before the end of the year.

Merry Christmas!

When we asked Kristin the same thing...A camel. A stuffed animal camel to be exact. Oh, and some boots like her mom has.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!