Sep 19, 2008

head under water

head under water, originally uploaded by jwlphotography.

Kayla loves singing along to the radio, and one of her favorite songs is from Sara Bareilles, called "Love Song". She seems a lot more into music than Kristin was when she was 2. It's so cute to hear her singing. One of these days I'll figure out how to record a vid and upload her singing.

Sep 14, 2008

Bay Area Discovery Museum

We took the kids to the Bay Area Discovery Museum yesterday, and as always, they had a blast. I wish they had these kind of places when I was a child. My only recollection of 'fun' places we went to were the zoo, and the Exploratorium, but that was when I was much older. These days, there are tons of places to take kids to. I found this resource extremely useful, as it lists almost all the places in the Bay Area you can bring your children to. 

Kristin enjoys the view from the miniature Golden Gate Bridge replica:


Ummm, you're not supposed to throw stuff off the bridge


"fine, I'll attack you with a crab"


She is totally not afraid of the dark.


Bob the builder has a new sidekick.


You know Kristin has had a good day, when she displays her super cheesy smile:


The kids met a little friend. This is Ronnie. His mom was Selina's bridesmaid at our wedding many years ago. He's so cute.....



Mid-Autumn Festival

mid-autumn festival

The kids enjoyed some moon cake to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. I used to love eating them as a child, and I'm glad to see the kids enjoying them as much as I did. 

Sep 12, 2008

"Baby's too big"


Kids are so darned funny....The other day, Kayla was getting dressed. She struggled with getting her t-shirt on, and finally gave up after a few minutes, all the while throwing a fit. "Unnggg, Unnnnggg!!" Then in chinese, she goes "Baby too BIG, can't put on shirt!!!!" It's hilarious that instead of saying her shirt was too small, she was saying SHE was too big. I got a good chuckle out of it.

We finally bought her a new pair of shoes for school. She has been tripping a lot, and we noticed that her left shoe was kind of leaning in a little, causing her to not walk flat footed. She LOVES her new shoes. Everyday after I pick her up, she asks me in english, "You like my choos? You like them?"


oh, and both of these pictures were taken with the iphone. I'm pretty impressed with the quality.

Sep 6, 2008

Princesses for a day, or two, or more

Kristin is having a princess themed birthday party this year, and of course being the cheap frugal parents we are, this is not only going to be her outfit for her party, but also her Halloween costume.

And sticking to the cheap frugal theme, of course Kayla gets the hand me down costume.