Feb 26, 2010




So, you know how you always tell kids not to do certain things. It's for a good reason right? Remember when your parents told you not to do certain things, but you insisted that you were right and you did it anyways? Well, it turns out that they were right and you probably shouldn't have done it. Perfect case in point.

"Kayla, Kristin, stop jumping on the bed."

Jumping stops.

Jumping resumes a few seconds later.

"Kids, please stop jumping on the bed."

Jumping stops.

Jumping again resumes a few seconds later.

"STOP jumping on the bed. One of you is going to get hurt."

Jumping stops.

Again, they continue to jump.

Next thing you hear is wailing and crying. Yup, told you guys to stop. Bed + Jumping = Fat Lip.

But of course the one who initiated the jumping sequences walks away free of any scrapes or bumps, with that big grin of hers.

Luckily, these bumps are temporary and hopefully she learned her lesson and won't be doing it again. I highly doubt it though.

Feb 14, 2010

Feb 4, 2010

why so serious

Kayla doesn't handle change well. She was moved from the "3's" class to the "4's" class this week, and she was definitely not happy about it. I still remember when we first placed her in day care when she was just 18 months old, and I would feel so guilty when I picked her up from school. Her eyes would be red with tears, and her face would be a mixture of sadness and joy when I arrived. She has so much emotion in her for such a little person.