Sep 21, 2011

It's like a...


.....hurricane went through our house. This is a typical scenario at the Lee household. Toys, games, and other miscellaneous items flung all over the place. Don't get me started on their clothes that they just randomly plop down where they see fit.

I wonder where they learn this stuff. Sheesh.



Sep 11, 2011


me: "Hey Kayla, can I have a kiss?"
She turns and gives me the back of head and pushes it onto my face.
me: "I want to kiss your cheek Kayla, not the back of your head!"
Kayla: "But you are pokey!" (referring to my morning stubble)
me: "I'm not pokey, come on, give me your cheek to kiss."
Kayla: "Why are you not pokey? Did you shed? I'll let you kiss me if you shedded."




Sep 2, 2011

When push comes to shove

when push comes to shove_sm

Sharing. Lending. Trading. Giving. Whatever you want to call it, they're all the same in this household. A few months ago, Kayla gave this stuffed tiger to Selina and says "This is for you to sleep with! You can have it OK?" Then, the other week it mysteriously disappears from our bed. Last night, after putting them to bed, we hear Kayla crying and Kristin screaming about something so we go investigate. Well apparently Kristin ended up with the tiger, and apparently they 'traded' it with each other. Now trading to me means transfer of goods, a permanent transfer right? Apparently Kayla doesn't think so. To her it means you can take back what you gave/traded at any given time. Selina had to bring up the whole "But you gave it me though!?!?", which further confused things for Kayla. In the end, she won out and got her stuffed tiger, only to wake up this morning looking for another stuffed animal that she probably shared, lent out, traded, or gave to someone. Oy.