Mar 28, 2008

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty, originally uploaded by jwlphotography.

The best part of waking up, is seeing this little munchkin next to you, not crying, not screaming, not running around. She looked so peaceful laying there.

Mar 27, 2008

Almost there

Sorry for the lack of posts, but......................


That was FAST! Now we're under the pressure of trying to find a house, and the more we look, the harder it is to pick a home.

Mar 21, 2008

Sometimes they act like....

this is what they've been doing all day. They both run around the house like wild animals, and of course every once in a while one of them gets hurt. I don't think they meant the age when they refer to "terrible 2", its more like two terrible children.

In other news, we had our first open house last Sunday, and we got all excited when our agent told us someone was ready to make an offer on Tuesday. Turns out the couples parents were coming in from Southern California this weekend to check out our house and another house, so the offer never came through : ( I'm getting so tired of living out of our garage.

Mar 13, 2008

bread winner

bread winner, originally uploaded by jwlphotography.

The kids love bread. I remember when Kristin was young, we would always have to hide bread from her when we went out to eat. If she saw it she would refuse to eat her own food. Luckily Kayla is nothing like that. She enjoys variety, but she still loves bread.

Mar 7, 2008

K 2 Duo

K 2 Duo, originally uploaded by jwlphotography.

Finally updated my laptop to an Apple Macbook Pro. It's such a huge difference between Mac's and PC's. They really are better.

Kayla is doing rather well in her new school. When I go pick her up, I can peek through the window and I see her playing. She seems to be enjoying herself until she sees me, and then she goes “DADDY, DADDY, DADDEEEEEEEE!” The teachers say she’s doing really well too, taking naps, eating her food. I don’t know if it’s because she knows Kristin is there, but I’m just glad she seems a little happier now.

Mar 4, 2008


art, originally uploaded by jwlphotography.

This was one of Kayla's last art pieces from her preschool. We’re sad to take her out of that preschool since the teachers were really nice, but we wanted her to be in the same school as Kristin. She started her first day at her new school today, and she did really well, probably knowing that her big sis was just around the corner.

Our home will hopefully be on the market this Wednesday, so posts will be few and far between.