Dec 26, 2006

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas eve at my brothers house in San Francisco this year. They have the cutest (soon to be) one year old daughter, Lindsay.

Here's Lindsay and Kristin in front of their tree.

She's so adorable : )

This was Lindsay from less than a year ago. Time sure flies.

Kayla is so friendly right now, she hasn't developed an attachment to anyone yet. She enjoys playing with everyone, and luckily my dad had enough energy to keep her entertained.

Auntie Danielle and Uncle Sherman knew exactly what Kristin wanted this year. "Cars" is her favorite movie, and she loves anything related to "Cars". You can imagine how happy she was when she got this great gift.

To top it off, she even got to eat pie!

Christmas Day

Kayla woke up early, so while we waited for Kristin to get up, I took some shots of this little snowman:

This was Kristin after she woke up and we told her Santa left some presents for her in her stocking. Her expression was priceless.

Here she is with her favorite cars.

Sally is her favorite out of all the cars.

I think she was pretty happy this year.

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