Mar 31, 2007

Too big for the kiddie swings

We went to look at some new homes yesterday, and at this development there was a brand new children's park being built. After seeing the park, Kristin kept asking if she could go to the park. Even though Kayla was feeling ill, we eventually gave in and brought her. She still loves swinging on the baby swings, I think she's starting to look out of place.

After the park, Kayla enjoyed a nice warm shower.

Mar 30, 2007


Kayla is feeling miserable, her nose is leaking green mucous and she has this awful cough. She finds comfort in eating her hand though.

Kristin is happy. She got a new pair of sandals, just in time for the warm weather.

Mar 29, 2007

Role Reversal

Kristin is definitely feeling better now..............

but now Kayla is miserable........

Mar 28, 2007

Kristin is getting better now, but she still acts a little cranky. She tells me she's hungry so that's another good sign that she's recovering.

A swim in the bathtub always cheers her up.

She's even dancing again!

Unfortunately Kayla is coughing now, and seems to have contracted Kristin's eye infection which makes her eyes full of eye crust. And its green like Totoro.

I just hope she doesn't get the stomach flu.

Mar 27, 2007

Changing faces

It's so funny how Kayla's face changes so drastically from when she has a serious face:

to a laughing face:

I want to sleep

Kristin has been chanting this non-stop every time she has to get up to go to the restroom or eat. Poor thing.......She seems to be getting better though, and started eating some cereal and drinking some milk. No more vomiting, which is good.

Mar 26, 2007

Mar 25, 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Kristin spent most of the day camped in front of the TV watching Barney.

Kayla spent most of the day looking for someone to hold her. I think she got spoiled yesterday by my parents holding her all the time.

The big day

Even though Kristin was feeling ill, she still wanted to attend her big performance. She had a great time, even though afterwards she had a fever of almost 103 degrees.

Mar 23, 2007

Flying high

A few hours after taking this shot, Kristin started feeling ill and was vomiting. I thought I had injured her, but it turns out she has a stomach flu.

Mar 22, 2007

Blame my Sister

I'm finding more and more shirts that suit the mood Kristin is in. I think the reason why she acts the way she does is due to Kayla getting attention when she isn't, so she blames her sister.

Mar 21, 2007

No. NO. No. NO. NO!

I went to pick up Kristin at school today, and she came running to me in tears. Her teacher then came up to me and told me Kristin had been acting up all day today, saying no to anything and everything. According to her teacher, she never acts like this. I really hope she isn't so moody once she recovers from her cough/cold. Her t-shirt fits her personality right now perfectly.....

On the other hand, Kayla was a breeze to care for today. Ate all her food and drank all her milk.

Mar 20, 2007

"Why do you love me?"

Kristin has been in such a bad mood lately due to her cold/cough and to add on top of that, she seems to be more and more jealous of Kayla. Today during lunch, I went and picked up a little gift and surprised her with it after I picked her up from school. She asked "Why do I get a present? It's not my birthday!" I replied, "Because I love you." She then replied "Why do you love me?" Her sincere questions always bring a smile to my face.

No new toys for Kayla, just some rice cereal and she's happy. Unfortunately, its getting harder and harder to wipe her mouth after she eats, hence the filthy mouth.

Mar 19, 2007

"I'm not gonna be your friend!"

Kristin is going through another jealousy phase right now. During dinner, Selina was holding Kayla, and Kristin blurted out "I don't like Mommy, I'm not gonna be your friend, I'm going to be Daddy's friend!". A few minutes go by, and I started to hold Kayla so Selina could finish her dinner. Kristin then turns to me and says "I don't like you Daddy, I'm not gonna be your friend, I'm going to be Mommy's friend!"

And poor Kayla is just stuck in the middle.

Mar 18, 2007

"Thank you Mommy"

The big day is coming.............

Kristin was so cute today. She finally got to try on her ballet outfit for next weeks big performance. She was so happy that she went up to Selina and said "Thank you Mommy". It was the most sincere thank you that ever came out of her mouth.

Day at the park

After dim sum, we headed back to my parents house. They have a children's park a few blocks away and we decided to bring Kristin and meet up with cousin Lindsay. Lindsay is so cute, as she's walking around on her own now.