Nov 29, 2006

Too hard to resist

What is it about sofas and beds? They must emit a signal to children, saying "JUMP ON ME, JUMP ON ME!"

She hears the sofa calling to her.......................

I knew what was coming next........

too much fun for her....

These are Kristin's favorite snack. They're light, flaky, sweet cookies, shaped like an egg roll.


Nov 28, 2006

Bath Time

Kayla loves taking baths. Something about them soothes her and makes her sleep better at night.

For some reason, she likes the taste of water, always sticking her tongue out to get a sip.

Nov 27, 2006

Future computer nerd.

I'm going to turn her into a computer geek.

She hasn't quite mastered mouse movements yet, but she has the clicking down. I put a sticker on the left click button, so now I just tell her to "click on Guido"

Nov 26, 2006

The haircut.

We went to Fremont to do our weekly grocery shopping and figured it was time for Kristin to get a haircut. It didn't look too bad at the time, but when we got home, I noticed some strands were left uncut. I thought I could fix it, but I think I made it worse : (

Oh well, it'll grow back.

Good thing mommy bought her a new wallet. That more than made up for me botching up her hair.

Thanks to Auntie Danielle and Uncle Sherman for the super warm and cozy towel. It even has her name stitched in. How cool is that!

It even has some bunny ears. So cute.

Nov 25, 2006

Hand me downs

Having Kristin in preschool + nanny for Kayla + mortgage, expenses add up. I'm thankful that we had Kayla, we didn't have to buy that much new stuff.

Hand me down bouncer from big sis.

and Hand me down toys from big sis.............

She doesn't know the difference.

Of course we still buy new things for Kayla, but it sure helps that we had existing stuff.
Kayla's been pretty manageable the past few days, but now she has a cold and cough that she caught from big K. This is cold #3 for her, so she's averaging one a month. I hope that when she starts pre-school, her built up immunity will lessen the amount of times she gets sick.

She's fascinated by bright vibrant colors.

Kristin is styling in her green bear shades. We must have bought her at least 4 pairs of sunglasses and all of them are missing/broken now. She got this pair from school when one of her classmates had a birthday party.

She's such a goofball.

Nov 24, 2006

If only I could get Kayla to sleep with Kristin...........I miss having a good nights sleep.

Its so great to be a baby, eat, sleep, cry, poop. Repeat

This is where I go when I don't have to take care of the two K's. As you can see, its a mess, and having a nanny/maid has only made me less inclined to clean up after myself....and its only been 2 days.

Since it was so cold today, we had the heat turned up, which made it a perfect opportunity to take naked baby shots.



Nov 23, 2006

Attack of the Giant Crayon

We bought this huge crayon for Kristin last year which mysteriously disappeared and suddenly showed up again today. It's a hollow tube and has a tiny slot on the tip of the crayon for depositing coins.

She thought it would be funny to try to take a swing at me with it.

After many unsuccessful attempts of trying to bat my camera with the Giant Crayon, we headed to the local park. It was a beautiful day, and the fall colors were amazing.

Kristin loves swings and can sit on one all day if we let her. Even when she's swinging she tries to hit my camera.

We have a Clifford book at home which talks about jumping in leaves and Kristin decided she wanted to be just like Clifford. She started gathering leaves..........

and made a little pile.

Leaves were everywhere and her pile was growing fast.

And after she was done with her pile, she jumped in.

Jumping wasn't enough, so she started throwing the leaves too.

She looks up, and sees where all those leaves are coming from.


Kayla enjoys playing peek-a-boo now. She's starting to be a lot more interactive, but she's still a little Miss Grumble.

Kristin love playing in the backyard. She'll even stand still to let me take a few photos of her.

Of course I have to promise her a cookie to get her cooperation.

Nov 19, 2006

Kayla, Kristin, and Chuck Chuck

Kristin has a doll she calls Chuck Chuck. When she was younger, we called the doll Chucky, after this famous doll. The name stuck, and hopefully she never finds out why.

Nov 18, 2006

Finally capturing some expressions.

Don't let the pictures fool you, she's still as grumpy as ever.