Jul 28, 2009

Want some whine with that cheese?

We spent the last couple of days in Yountville CA, where the kids got to see the wine country up close and personal, and Selina and I got to enjoy some R&R. Even though the Wine Country is only an hour away, it was nice to stay someplace other than home. Selina booked 2 nights at the Villagio Inn & Spa, where she enjoyed a relaxing spa treatment while I got to watch the kids. When we go to Napa, we always end up going to the outlet stores, so this was the first time I really got to 'see' Napa. It really is a gorgeous place.






Right outside Villagio, they had their own little vineyard.




The kids enjoyed all the water around the inn.


Our room was right next to the pool.


Kristin got to try on her new goggles.


Kaylas cheeks were too big to fit in the goggles.


When I asked Kristin what her favorite part of the trip was, she replied enthusiastically "SWIMMING!"


Kayla enjoyed the outdoor shower.



Kristin enjoyed the foot washing basin thing they had. I need one of these things at our house.




There weren't many kid friendly things to do in Napa, so we asked the Concierge for suggestions. They told us about Sterling Vineyards which had a gondola ride and a factory tour. While the kids didn't really care for the tour, they definitely liked the ride.

Wine tasting.



Afterwards, we went to Castello di Amorosa, which was a castle/vineyard straight out of the movies. Apparently Disney filmed a portion of Bedtime Stories there.





Today, before we left, we walked around Yountville, and they had a store called "Sisters".


The kiddos, dreaming about someday being able to wear a wedding dress.


Jul 24, 2009

it's like pulling teeth

it's like pulling teeth

Kristin lost her first tooth a few weeks back. It had been loose for the longest time, and another tooth had begun to grow behind it. We brought her to our dentist, and were told that it would eventually come out on it's own. One day, while Kristin was blowing up a balloon, I tugged at the balloon and Kristin started complaining about her tooth hurting. She was really mad at me for pulling the balloon out of her mouth : (

The next morning, the tooth came out and she had forgotten all about being mad, since she knew the 'tooth fairy' was coming to give her some money. I hope the next tooth comes out without so much drama.

Jul 12, 2009

Day at the beach

The kids have been bugging us about going to the beach for weeks now, and we finally gave in, even though the weather wasn't exactly ideal.



Kristin was only interested in collecting sea shells.



We then headed to another beach, where they started kicking up sand. Sand got everywhere....in their hair, all over their clothes, in my pockets, in their pockets...


my camera gear......


After all that sand kicking, they sat down and enjoyed their first sunset.


Jul 3, 2009

Even though they always fight........

Even though they always fight........
Even though they always fight........, originally uploaded by jwlphotography.

things always get ironed out in the end.

It seems as they get older, the more they fight and argue with each other. It can be over the smallest things, but they make the biggest deal out of everything. For example, we will be driving somewhere and Kristin looks outside Kaylas window. Kayla will then proceed to yell at Kristin, "THAT'S MY WINDOW. LOOK OUT YOUR OWN WINDOW! DAD!!!! KRISTIN IS LOOKING OUT MY WINDOW!!" Then a few minutes later I hear Kristin crying because Kayla has pinched, punched, kicked, or a combination of all three things to her. Then I will hear Kayla crying a few minutes later because Kristin is blocking her view of the opposite window. It's a never ending cycle.