Jun 19, 2012

39 lbs

I got this card from the K's for fathers day. So sweet of them :)


Kristin made me a new macbook, complete with charger.


Kayla made this awesome card that is supposed to be a shirt. Apparently I weigh 39 lbs, enjoy eating spaghetti, watching TV, taking pictures of them, and I'm special at making Kayla famous.


Kristin also made this hand print for me. Now I can always have a high five from her at anytime.


Best part of fathers day. nom, nom, nom.



  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    How a cute card the first one(: What camera do you have? It seems to be really really good and expensive! I'd like to know that, so can you PLEASE anwser for this guestion? please..:)

  2. hello kristin and kayla's dad. I admire you as a man who didn't celebrate his father's fathers day because of he never spent any quality-time? (sorry I am not native), with his 2 sons, he is stubborn, never respects sommeone else's plans. so he doesn't worth that celebration.

    So the happiness and the freedom you have in the photos, makes me always check your blog to see a "real" family relations. that makes me very happy, I say myself that "if I will not be such a father to my sons and daughters, I mustnt be."

    you are perfect and very lucky . I hope I will have the same happiness with my future family.

    Loves. And kisses to this two wonderful girls :)

    Eren, from Turkey.

  3. Beautiful photos! And what sweet girls!

  4. Happy father's day! The pics you take of your girls are awesome:)

  5. This is the sweetest thing.

    Kristin is so creative, love that MAC with a charger, so complete!!!

    And Kayla! Her smile says everything.

    Love your work!!

  6. How very cute! You are a happy man...

  7. Glad to see you posting again. I was starting to twitch. :) Recently a photographer/friend of mine was talking about this great photographer who took the best pictures of his kids. (lightbulb went off) and when he brought up your site I just giggled to myself. Long time fan!

  8. Anonymous5:53 AM

    i wish i weighed 39 pounds!!! or at least someone saw me weighing 39 pounds!!! lol!!! i love checking in on your blog i first found out about from the today show they metioned it. It has been a delight since!! the happiness you bring thru pictures is amazing!! i would love to hire you for our wedding but i have a brother thats pretty amazing at photography, your a stitch better, but thats our secret!! well keep that bulb flashing and i'll keep checking in!! thank you so very much!!!

  9. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Oh, I love that Kayla's first picture<3 I'm so sure she's gonna be a model!!

  10. Anonymous, here is a link to my equipment: http://www.facebook.com/notes/kristinandkayla/camera-equipment/112439858831411

    Thank you Eren for the kind words.

    Thanks Joan and Christine :)

    Thanks Read Like Bees! You should see the camera she made 2 years ago http://kristinandkayla.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-got-new-camera-for-fathers-day.html

    Thanks Wolfgang!

    Hi Tish! Small world! That's awesome that your friend saw my work!

    Thanks all for the kind words :)

  11. Your works are so out of this world, very very very creative! I truly commend the relationship you have with your daughters. Happy Dad's Day :)

  12. hello from finland! i found your blog by news,


    it's in english like this: greative father take's grazy pictures from his kids." sory my english is bad. :D but, have nice day and your pic's are great!

  13. I nominated you for a Lovely Blog Award :) http://tiffertoes-thecrazycatlady.blogspot.com/2012/06/lovely-blog-award.html

  14. I love it!!!wonderful cards. Really, you have lovely daughters. And this blog is amazing!
    Warm regards from Poland :)

  15. That was too sweet, and i really love that card...:-)

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  17. Anonymous1:27 PM

    How do you get the windblown model look? Love it!