Feb 3, 2009

Progress report

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Kayla had her first progress report from school the other week, and it sure wasn't pretty. They use a simple grading system of:

G= Good Progress (doing well)
W= Working on Skill (needs improvement in this area)
NA= Not applicable (not at her skill level yet)

These were her results:

FEB_84 (1)

So as you can see, she has a lot to work on : / In contrast, Kristin had the same reports as Kayla, but all of her 'grades' were 'G'. It's so funny how the 2 of them are so different.


  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    On the bright side, her progress report has a lot of G's.

    And the picture at the top of this post is gorgeous.

  2. Oh definitely, she is doing great on all the other areas. The report was 3 or 4 pages, and the remaining grades were all 'G's.

  3. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Your girls are absolutely gorgeous. As are your photographs.

    It's photos like these that make me wish I had kept on with photography as my major. But then I remember I switched to early childhood education so I get to spend my time with beautiful little children like your's.

  4. Thanks squee1123 : ) for your kind words, and the work you do with children.

  5. Anonymous5:10 PM

    this made me laugh! At least you know she won't be a doormat later on in life! :)

  6. Anonymous7:27 PM

    I so enjoy these photos! I return to your site often [not just to enjoy my own amazing wedding pics but also] to catch up with the latest adventures of your beautiful girls!

    As a teacher in the midst of writing report cards myself, I have a few reflections: (1) Don't despair! A few "W's" out of 4 pages is really pretty good (2) I am so glad that my report cards are just one page long (3) The children who leave the strongest impressions on a teacher's heart are those who possess an innate charm and spirit that cannot be taught. Your girls are going to charm the pants off of their future teachers :)

  7. Hey Deanna! Hope all is well with you and Geoff : )

    I'm not worried at all, but rather amused how different they are. It's really amazing how these 2 wonderful children are alike is so many ways, yet so different at the same time.