Feb 25, 2009



Cassidy= Daddy, I'm hungry. I want to eat some Cassidy! Can you make some Cassidy? (Quesadilla)

Yellow Polish= I want Yellow Polish on my fingersnails (pointing to toes). Can I have some Yellow Polish? (Nail Polish)

Mezzanine= Daddy, why you always look at Mezzanine. Can I see your mezzanine? (Magazine)

And on top of her own language, the other day she goes:

"Oh, I'm dying. I'm dying", all the while clutching her heart and making a beating motion.

She cracks me up.


  1. Your girl is really lovely :) have a nice day!

  2. Don't know about lovely : ) since she is going through some 'terrible 2' syndrome right now lol.

  3. Haha! Enjoy the moment :)
    My girl is moving towards the terrible twos too! And great shots you have, always!!! :D

  4. hehehee...that's adorable!!! Coincidentally, I just ate a Cassidy!

  5. She cracks me up. One of my favorite things about toddlers and preschoolers is the funny way they mispronounce things. I'm going to have a video post next week of just that on my blog! Love the picture attached to this post. But I love every picture of yours I've seen. You're an amazing talent. I envy you!

  6. PRIMA, brace yourself ; )

    mushroommeadows, I had Cassidys today too lol

    Thanks Carebear! Looking forward to your video post .

  7. Anonymous5:02 AM

    your photos make me smile.......then get cranky since I can not see to take great photos!
    hee hee
    thanks for the laughs!

  8. Incredibly cute! My son (5 weeks now) is starting to look around and we notice he can can now clearly focus and see us. Desperately waiting for his first real smile to us, so I can only imagine how great the first words will be...

    Great picture!

  9. lol, thanks colepack. It just takes time........and patience........and lot's of practice :)

    Wow Roeland, I can't believe your son is 5 weeks old already! The first smile is great. Cherish that moment.