Nov 15, 2008

Funny conversations

Kristin is at the age now where she speaks her mind freely, and often times, what she says makes perfect sense to us, but to a random stranger, they might raise an eyebrow.

Here are 2 recent examples.


Kayla: "Unngh, wong som raidensszzzz"

Us: "Huh, what did you say Kayla?"
Kayla: "Unngh, WONG. SOM. RAAAIIIDEnsszzzz"

Kristin: "Mom, Dad, she said she wants some raisins. Gee, you guys don't understand babylish?!"

Her favorite color is pink

Us: "Kristin, you gave Kayla your pink eye (conjucvitis), now her eyes are all pink and gooey."

Kristin: In her most sincere tone of voice, "I'm so nice to Kayla, and I'm such a good big sister."

Us: "Huh? How is giving pink eye to your sister being nice?"

Kristin: "Well, pink is Kayla's favorite color, and I gave her pink eye!" 

It's been a while since we've done anything fun with the kids and I'm sure the move has been pretty tough on them. We decided to have a picnic at the park and got to spend some quality time with the kids. By quality time, I mean letting the kids run wild and letting the kids just be kids.


fear and loathing in las vegas





It was so great to see Kayla with that goofy smile on her face.



Kristin always loves playing in the sand.



But knowing Kristin, having fun has to involve jumping.



  1. Thanks for the blog, I love seeing your little ones.. I just posted about your blog on my blog.. :0

  2. so nice to see you all playing!

    you live somewhere MUCH warmer than we do - see for an idea of what our outside weather is like right now.

  3. Hi Jason,

    Great photos as usual! That looks like a nice park. Is this a public park or just one for your housing community? We're always on the look out for new parks in the South Bay for our twins.

    Also, it looks like a couple of photos are with the flash coming from the right. Did you lay the flash on the ground to take some of the photos? It looks like it's in the middle of the day so I'm assuming that you're using high-speed sync?

    Just curious!


    Tom Li

  4. jordanna:

    Thanks for checking out the blog, and I'm glad you enjoyed the images!


    Wow, I feel pretty darn lucky now. It's usually much colder weather this time of year here, but hey, I'm not complaining : )

    Tom Li:

    Thanks Tom! This is a public park that is a few minutes from our house. We have yet to explore the numerous other parks in the area, but this one was close, had sand, water, and shade.

    I placed the flashes in various positions, mostly to the left or right. I used ETTL/flash on a cord for a few of the shots and pocket wizards on some others. It was getting pretty tough to shoot with the flash on the cord.

  5. pink eye? how generous of Kristin. :) by the way, cute pictures, as usual!

  6. mushroommeadows:

    I know, what a sweet sister huh? Her intentions were good lol.