Sep 6, 2008

Princesses for a day, or two, or more

Kristin is having a princess themed birthday party this year, and of course being the cheap frugal parents we are, this is not only going to be her outfit for her party, but also her Halloween costume.

And sticking to the cheap frugal theme, of course Kayla gets the hand me down costume. 


  1. I am sooo blown away! NEVER have i seen such beautiful children, such wonderful lighting and imagination. I have just started to get back into photography after 25 years, and you are an inspiration, but sadly I know I will never be this good. Thank you for sharing your family with us, I can spend hours here in total delight. Such love flows in each picture.

  2. i am blown away too... do you do workshops? if not, you should... i would host one in phoenix if you're interested...

  3. Nice dress... Really looks like princess...

  4. I just admire your beautiful girls and your fantastic photo's.
    Both are so perfect.

    And the dresses are a real stage outfit - Gorgeous !!

    Ps, would be interested in a workshop from you as well :)