Sep 14, 2008

Bay Area Discovery Museum

We took the kids to the Bay Area Discovery Museum yesterday, and as always, they had a blast. I wish they had these kind of places when I was a child. My only recollection of 'fun' places we went to were the zoo, and the Exploratorium, but that was when I was much older. These days, there are tons of places to take kids to. I found this resource extremely useful, as it lists almost all the places in the Bay Area you can bring your children to. 

Kristin enjoys the view from the miniature Golden Gate Bridge replica:


Ummm, you're not supposed to throw stuff off the bridge


"fine, I'll attack you with a crab"


She is totally not afraid of the dark.


Bob the builder has a new sidekick.


You know Kristin has had a good day, when she displays her super cheesy smile:


The kids met a little friend. This is Ronnie. His mom was Selina's bridesmaid at our wedding many years ago. He's so cute.....




  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Wow - these are really gorgeous photos - are you on flickr? If so, please add them to our flickr group of pics taken at the Bay Area Discovery Museum! Also, if you'd like to have any of them featured on our Web site, just let me know - they are really spectacular!

    Jennifer - Director of Communications, Bay Area Discovery Museum,

  2. Jason.... I wish we had such cool places to take kingston to around home. The closest we have is COSI, but it is no where near as cool as this place. Wonderful shots as always!


  3. Hey Josh,

    Thanks for the comment. If your wife and Kingston ever venture out to California, make sure you hit me up!