Dec 3, 2007

Little Fussy

Well, Kayla made it through her first day of daycare. The morning started off great. We dropped her off, she was happy as could be, exploring the new environment, making new friends. She even said bye to us.

When I went to pick her up, it was a whole other story. She was being held by one of the teachers and didn't notice me at first. I was having a conversation with another teacher to see how she did. Suddenly, she spots me and starts screaming and crying "DAYDEEEE, DAAAHHDEEEEEEEE, DAAAAAAAHHHDEEEEEE!!!!!" I felt so bad : (

Each day, we get a progress report, and in one of the sections, you could see that she started out happy, but they crossed it out and changed it to ' a little fussy'.

She cheered up when we got home, and big sis and an apple-pear fixed all that was wrong today.

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