Dec 19, 2007

16 month checkup

Kayla had her 16 month checkup last week. She is now:

2'7" tall (55%)
21lbs (16%)
HC (93%) She has a big head.

The Dr. said she is not gaining as much weight as he would like to see. She's been sick lately, and really picky with her eating. He suggested that we load her up in foods that are high in protein, calories, and nutrients. Suggestions were to add oil to her food, serve bread/rice with added butter, fruit with lots of syrup, fried foods, extra mayonaise, mashed avocado, pudding, milk shakes....the list goes on and on. I really can't bring myself to give her junk food, but we did start adding butter to a lot of her food. She loves her peas and butter....yuck.

peas n butter

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  1. Hi Jason. I'm one of you fans :) Last week I shoot this picture to the dughters of a friend of mine. Doesn't the little one look like Kayla? :)