Mar 8, 2007


I can't believe how much Kayla is eating these days. With Kristin, she always had a pretty set schedule with her milk, and we didn't start solids as early as we did with Kayla. Today, Kristin wanted to go play in the backyard so I brought them out, and I could tell Kayla was getting a little antsy, but I wasn't sure if she was hungry since there was still a good hour before her feeding time. I set her down on the grass, and within seconds she was crying bloody murder. Usually when I pick her up, she's OK, but this time she was angry, and by angry, I mean REALLY angry. She started crying that hungry cry so I brought them in and prepared some food for Kayla. She started eating bite after bite after bite, non-stop. After she finished, she still wanted more! Selina was saying, that a crybaby will be a good eater, while an easygoing baby will be a fussy eater. I'm starting to believe her.

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