Mar 11, 2007


Before Kayla was born, we would bring Kristin out to various places for kids. Now that Kayla is a little easier to manage, we're going to try to bring them out more often. Today we went to Fairyland in Oakland. We woke up earlier than usual due to daylight savings, and headed over to Starbucks where Kristin had her usual, pastry and chocolate milk.

We get to Fairyland and Kristin can't contain her excitement.

Ever since we introduced her to her first merry go round ride in Disneyland when she was 2, she absolutely has to go on them every time she sees them.

This place is designed for little people her age/size. We were really disappointed with Lego Land when we went in 2005 since all the entertainment was geared towards older kids.

Sometimes, she needs to be locked up, especially right now since she's sick with a cold/cough. She acts up a lot when she is sick, throwing tantrums and crying all the time.

OK....this is ALWAYS happening when I tell them to look at the camera.

Kristin and this llama were giving each other dirty looks.

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