Jan 6, 2007

Little Ballerina

Kristin had her first ballet class today at the local community center. Last night I asked her if she was excited about going to class and her reply was "I don't want to go to ballerina class tomorrow." She wouldn't tell me why, but just kept saying that she didn't want to go. This morning she refused to put on her outfit and I had to bribe her with some chocolate raisins to get her to change. When we arrived at the class, there was already another little girl in her ballet outfit. Kristin started showing a little more interest after seeing her, and as more girls started showing up, you could tell she was getting anxious to start dancing. The class finally started and she was having a great time, doing exactly what the instructor was telling her to do, jumping, twirling, and stretching. She even gave her instructor a hug after the class. As I was driving home, I asked her if she liked dancing today and if she wanted to go again next week. Her reply was a very enthusiastic yes. I then asked her if she liked ballet class, and guess what her answer was? "I don't want to go to ballerina class tomorrow."

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