Jan 6, 2007

Lazy eater

Well, not really, but she has her little quirks. Today, little K was being extremely difficult. You sure couldn't tell by looking at this picture.

Her feeding schedule is usually every 3-5 hours and she was getting grumpy/fussy near the 3rd hour so I prepared a bottle for her. She ended up only drinking 1 ounce, so I put the bottle back in the fridge. Now comes the 5th hour and she still refused the bottle and kept crying and pushing the bottle away. I was getting frustrated and couldn't figure out why she refused the bottle. Finally after crying for another half hour, she finally took the bottle.......

but look at how she was drinking it:

Selina usually nurses her in this manner, so I think she wanted to be fed lying down. Later on in the evening she started showing symptoms of her 4th cold/cough, so that could be another reason why she was so fussy.

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