Apr 3, 2011


We spent the day in SF yesterday, being tourists. Even though I grew up and lived in SF, it's nice to visit and do 'touristy' things with the kiddos. We walked up along the different piers and did the Alcatraz tour. When we told the kids we'd be going to visit a prison, they kind of had a worried look on their faces.

No matter where we are, or where we go, the kids love running around without a care in the world.





Kristin really enjoyed the ferry ride over.


Again, with the running.


Interesting fact, there were actually families living on Alcatraz during the time they had prisoners being held there.





Really nice views of the city from "the rock".


The kids didn't particularly enjoy the audio tour portion, lots of worried looks when they did re-enactments of the prisoner audio.



After the tour, Kristin enjoyed one of her favorite snacks, a street churro.


Of course Kayla had to go on the Merry go round in Fishermans Wharf.


I think every First Aid kit should have one of these:


One last view before heading home.



  1. I love Kayla's cheeks : )

    your kids have such amazing adventures everywhere they go.

  2. i love their serious looks when following the audio tour. cute!!! :P

  3. Ingrid6:09 PM

    What a great site! I believe there is a children's book titled "Al Capone Does My Shirts" by Gennifer Choldenko about a boy who moves to Alcatraz because his father is an electrician there. I haven't read it, but perhaps your girls would enjoy it?


  4. Is it even possible that I fell even more in love with your two lovely kids?

    and I just love the Choc-Aid..

  5. What kind of light source do you bring with you on outings like this?

  6. oh my gosh!! these are fabulous! i have only been to san fran once to run the nike women's marathon, but i will acutally be going again in 3weeks :) i am a HUGE lover of dim sum. any suggestions of the best place to go while i'm there?! or any other "local" hot spots that you love?

  7. Looks like you really had fun. It's great to take the children out like this and help them discover new things :)

  8. Thanks Antonia :)

    Amelia, her cheeks are so round, it doesn't match the rest of her skinny frame lol.

    Amy, yes they were very serious, after about halfway through the tour they had to turn off the audio.

    Hi Ingrid, sounds like something the girls would like. I'll have to check the library. Thanks!

    Sie Hui, yeah, those choc-aids were neat. We really wanted to find these fried egg gummys but this particular shot didn't have them :(

    Kate, I just had a SB900 flash with me,

    Angela, I LOVE Koi Palace in Daly City, well worth the 15-20 minute drive from SF. Just a warning, they have ridiculous wait times, so get there early.

    Thanks Phil, seems like the ferry ride and merry go round were more fun that going to Alcatraz. Too much walking for them lol

  9. The lighting in alcatraz_08 is awesome in how it highlights Kayla! What lenses do you carry to get all these shots?

  10. Thanks Pen, I used a 14-24 2.8 on all of the photos : )

  11. Wow Jason, they're so adorable! And that Kayla-behind-bars photo just cracked me up :-) Love all of them, great work as usual! Thanks for sharing those with the rest of us...

  12. Wow! Your kids are getting bigger! They're so cute! :)

  13. Awesome! I love your job and your kiddos happy smile! A great happy family! Congrats! Regards, Lila&Cloe

  14. thanks for the tip! keep up the wonderful photos, they are inspiring, and adorable :)

  15. i absolutely LOVE your girls! and your pics, of course hehe.

  16. love the sunglasses shot lol...chuckle worthy stuff :)

  17. Lovely photos as always! I love San Francisco! It would have been awesome if you brought your girls to WonderCon & had them cosplay! I bet that would have been a hit! :)

  18. How funny! I was there on Saturday too; walked from the Ferry Building to Pier 39, but this was later in the evening. And next week, I'm going to Alcatraz! If your pics are any indication, it'll be awesome.

  19. Love your pictures!

  20. adorable!!
    They seem like they're having the time of their lives :)

  21. Love all your works, they are an inspiration for me to take better photos. You mentioned you used a 14-24 2.8, on a full frame? It's always a struggle to decided what equipment to lug on an outing like this. Is that all you bring out? I have 2 girls too and both their names start with "k" too! :)

  22. hazelgoh, it really depends on the situation. I like the versatility of a zoom on outings like this. I also brought a flash as well, but almost all the shots are ambient light : )

  23. Oh wow, if every family had shots like that of their outings...
    Gorgeous moments. Love Kristin's shirt! :)

  24. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Seriously... why are you so the ultimate? Everytime I come here I'm like "oh no he di-in't!!" you are some sort of fantastic, kid! And major congratulations to you and your wife for hitting 16 together-years. Hubman and I recently hit 10 married-years and you're so right... the ups and downs - are out of control, the journey, amazing - and it's better than ever. That rules. I hope you guys have the same. I'm so sure you do, and more :)

  25. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Wonderful pictures of wonderful kids!
    My daughter is 15 months old, since she was born every month we take around 600 pictures of her.

    all the best to you and your family!