Dec 15, 2010



Kristin had her first piano recital last week. She played "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and did a stellar job. Really proud of her. I have to try and figure out how to convert this video we took and upload it. She has never really had stage fright, and that night was no exception. However, it was funny to see her run up to the piano, place her notes on top, play the song, then quickly run off leaving her notes laying there. I had to tell her to go back and grab the sheets.


  1. So cute! She looks so little on that big piano bench.

    I played piano for 10 years as a kiddo and had the worst stage fright. I hope she keeps the courage up!!!

  2. This is brilliant! =)

  3. Thanks Rachel, I hope she stays this way too. I grew up always getting nervous before an audience.

    Thanks King Mang : )

    Hi Kurt, yep, 45mm TS

  4. You must be so proud!!!

  5. Oh my gosh! That's my church! It's a small world, after all...And it's so wonderful that she got to perform. Great photos, as always.

  6. hey, jason...just catchin' up on the blog...this is a pretty handy site for converting stuff for free:

    let's see that vid!