Oct 27, 2010

Super Mario Sister

Almost Halloween! Kayla isn't going as Mario this year, I just bought this costume for an idea and I had to take a shot of her.

Super Mario Sister


  1. adorable!!! I can tell she has a lot of character!!

  2. what a conincidence! my little one IS going as mario this year. dad is big mario, and baby is little mario before mario eats the mushroom.

    love your photos!

    wondering if i can do a short interview with you for my blog!
    i will send an email, if that's okay. :)

  3. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Hello Jason my name is Carlos

    The first thing, I adore your photos, not only those of Kayla and Kristin but also your works of wedding.

    The second thing, he excuses my English, I'm from Spain and do not speak very well your language.

    Excuses my presumption but it wanted to ask you, how do you achieve that the bottom meets so dark?

    I do photos of my daughter and do not obtain these effects, logically I do not possess a great equipment, 5d, 50mm 1.4, 430EXII, 430 EX-and remote shooters, algun softbox and you change cosillas more...

    Is it possible to see the scheme of lighting???

  4. Hi simplyvonne, She is definitely the expressive one in the family : )

    Hi jpk. Awesome! That is something I love to see! I'd be honored to do an interview with you, just let me know what you need : )

    Hi Carlos. Thanks for the kind words. To get the back dark, I used a grid to control the light spill. I've attached an image below so you can see how it was lit:


  5. lol i now have the super mario theme song in my head.

  6. LOL Tish. Just for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiAxiGZKpGQ

  7. Anonymous1:50 AM

    Hello Jason,

    I am carlos again.

    Thank you for your response. Only one asks more, that flesh use in this photo, I see that they us are the 580 that you use other times and in other photographies I have seen that you use the one that is in eltripode. I am looking for some kind of parecdiod.

    I speak to you about this one
    Http: // farm4.static.flickr.com/3354/3209284177_cf979ff578_b.jpg

    Can you say to me, if it does not matter for you, which is the one that you use?

    Thank you very much again.

    Here you have a photo that I made inspiring by yours. This is a January 6, Epiphany Magicians in Spain. Here besides Father Christmas, they come to bring gifts to the children.
    Http: // www.spaintraditions.es/andalusia/january-6th-day-three-wise-men.html

    Here the photo
    Http: // yfrog.com/jcreyes41j

    A greeting

  8. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I saw your pictures on modernmet and I literally took a couple of hours after work to sit down and look through all of your pictures. I love them. Your daughters are absolutely beautiful. But I can see what kind of trouble the get into from a day to day basis.

  9. She is the most adorable Mario I've EVER seen!!

  10. Always great!! :))