Jun 15, 2010

After school

Kayla has been wanting a new umbrella for a while now, and we finally got her one....too bad its already summertime. At least now she can use it to shade herself from the sun. After school yesterday she had the chance to try it out. She has also become super proficient at riding her tricycle now too. It's so funny watching her pedal full speed ahead. One of these days I'll have to get it on video.



  1. So, so cute as usual !!

    Great idea ( or opportunity ?! ) to use an umbrella as a colored background !

    Did you use a ring flash on these ?

    Congratulations !!

  2. Thanks XTofDuran. I did use a ringflash on these shots : )

  3. is that a diy ringflash?

  4. Hi jarvz10, its the rayflash unit .

  5. i feel so blessed to being looking at this photo...so pure and innocent. its a reminder that we all used to be there once upon a time...but its nice to know that god sees us this way all the time. thank you for sharing your joys with us..it makes me smile deep deep inside...thank you...you are blessed