Aug 13, 2009

You're the best Dad in the whole wide......

Last year we took Kayla to Six Flags for her birthday. This year, we asked her where she wanted to go, and of course, it was Six Flags....again. So we braved the hot weather for fun day filled with junk food, sunblock, aquatic animals, and kiddie rides.


Kayla isn't particularly fond of roller coaster rides, as evident by the next 2 pictures.



Kristin is another story. She loves these rides.


.....And splashing around in the water area


You can't tell by this picture, but Kayla really enjoyed the water area as well.


She liked it so much, she started doing her happy dance.



After a long day, we had a late dinner and Kayla enjoyed a nice big slice of cheesecake.
After finishing her dessert, she then looked at me and said, "DADDY, DADDY! You are the BEST the whole...wide...TABLE!" Table? TABLE?



  1. nice pics j creating some awesome memories

  2. Aww.... that just made the whole day ALL good despite the sweat, the dirty germy water or the boring kiddie rides :o)

  3. Isn't it nice to be loved?

  4. Strawb12:03 AM

    that reminds me of my friend's son...

    my friend:'who is the best mom in the world?'
    her son: 'you are.... A CHICKEN!'

  5. Excellent stuff once more. The final picture with the birthday cake is just perfect! Perfect timing, beautiful lighting.

    I'm curious once more ;-)
    do you have an assistant constantly carrying your off-camera flash(es)? I can't imagine you can find the time to set up your flashes in a water area or when Kayla all of a sudden decides to do her happy dance.

  6. is really a warm great to have such daddy^^

  7. Happy Kayla from Abbey and Blake in VA!

  8. Thanks all for the kind words and well wishes.

    Steven, for this series, I just used a hand held flash, and a wide angle zoom, no light stands or setting up. ETTL works great with the new Pocket Wizards (when it works, and it's within range)

  9. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Oh dear God. I was going to comment on how lovely the girls are, and of course the photos...

    but then I saw...

    the cheesecake.

    Oh the torture - I'm on a low-carb diet! BOOHOO!!!

    That cheesecake looked as incredible as your photography :)

  10. My goodness! I can't believe it's been a whole year since that last Six Flags post. I had go to back and check to see if I was remembering the right one, where Kayla was pooped out in her stroller at the end.

    Happy birthday to her!

    By the way, I haven't had breakfast yet this morning, and the cheesecake is making me hungry. lol

  11. I absolutely love teh Happy Dance series. the photos are awesome!

  12. There is something about little girls and their daddies! Love that the happy dance, it seems to be a universal kid thing! Kim