May 8, 2009


I took the day off yesterday to take care of some vehicle issues, and headed to the city. I brought along Kayla since Kristin was on a field trip. I think Kayla felt left out since she didn't get to go. We hung out with my buddy Paul at the SF Botanical Garden for a while and then had lunch together at Crepevine. I ordered a fruit crepe for Kayla, since she loves fruit so much. On the menu, it said it consisted of crepe, strawberries, bananas, and gnutella. When it came to our table, it was twice the size I thought it would be, AND it had a HUGE scoop of vanilla ice cream. Kayla's eyes just lit up. After lunch, I asked her if she had a good day, and she nodded her head. I then asked her, what was the best part of your day? Her response, "Dessert for lunch!"

botanical garden_01
botanical garden_02
botanical garden_03
botanical garden_04
botanical garden_05


  1. Hi Jason!

    It has been busy around here so I didn't find the time to drop by recently. As usual I was amazed when I saw your recent pictures here. Great mix again between soft neutral colors and popping high saturated images! I can't wait until my son Corneel is a bit older so he can sit upright on his own, makes shooting pictures of him easier I think ;-)

    See you,


  2. Rengirl12:47 AM

    That last shot = wow!

  3. I recently came across your work! I absolutely love it. Besides your adorable subject matter, your composition and colors are fabulous. Really admire it!

  4. Hi Roeland, I bet you have been busy. Having a child definitely takes up a lot of time. Just wait until Corneel is running around ; )

    Thanks Rengirl and alamodestuff : )

  5. You know, you should really do some tutorials!!