Mar 23, 2009

sweet tooth

sweet tooth, originally uploaded by jwlphotography.

We took the kids to the Jelly Belly factory this past weekend. It was pretty interesting to see all the manufacturing that goes behind the making of these little candies. Unfortunately we didn't get to actually see them being made, but we did get a free tour of the factory and a bag of Jelly Bellies at the end of the tour. 


  1. Whoa! Hope you brushed your teeth!

    Nice shot, and great post-processing, though. Your images are always a joy to look at, and an inspiration for any father-to-be.

  2. Thanks David : )

    Brushing teeth? It's more like, "let me chew on this toothbrush to get the maximum flavor out of this toothpaste" lol

  3. I love Jelly Belly candy. Their tastes are so real!
    Unfortunatly it's hard to found them in France and a little bit expensive.
    They are Deluxe candy!

  4. Hi Cleanettte. They are yummy indeed. I had to buy a bag of just the pear flavored ones........sooo good.

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  6. Your photos are wonderful and your girls are beautiful! Congratulations!