Nov 23, 2006

Attack of the Giant Crayon

We bought this huge crayon for Kristin last year which mysteriously disappeared and suddenly showed up again today. It's a hollow tube and has a tiny slot on the tip of the crayon for depositing coins.

She thought it would be funny to try to take a swing at me with it.

After many unsuccessful attempts of trying to bat my camera with the Giant Crayon, we headed to the local park. It was a beautiful day, and the fall colors were amazing.

Kristin loves swings and can sit on one all day if we let her. Even when she's swinging she tries to hit my camera.

We have a Clifford book at home which talks about jumping in leaves and Kristin decided she wanted to be just like Clifford. She started gathering leaves..........

and made a little pile.

Leaves were everywhere and her pile was growing fast.

And after she was done with her pile, she jumped in.

Jumping wasn't enough, so she started throwing the leaves too.

She looks up, and sees where all those leaves are coming from.

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