May 6, 2009

Who do you love...

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more? This was a question I was asked when I was a child. I still remember being asked that question, and I would always respond with who ever was asking the question. If it was mom, I would say I loved my mom more. If it was my dad, I would say my dad more.

When Kristin was younger, I would ask the same thing, and she would do the same thing. Now Kayla, she's a clever one. Her response:

"Bofe. I love my Mommy AND my Daddy", while glancing at both of us with dodging eyes.


  1. lol, i remember being asked this question too. i always said "Optimus Prime."

  2. Ha, these kids are smarter than me think. My Aidan says the same thing... I love mommy AND daddy whenever we ask that question. I've never asked him alone though... I should try that one Haha.

  3. You just got to be my favourite photographer ever:)