May 31, 2009


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Today we took the kids to watch the Disney/Pixar movie "UP". This is the first movie Kayla has watched in a movie theater, but Kristins second. It's been 3 years since I've watched a movie at the theater (which was also another Pixar movie, "Cars"). Surprisingly both of them sat through the whole thing. The movie was pretty good, but I think Selina and I enjoyed the movie more than the kids did.


  1. amazing shot... she looks beautiful

  2. Anonymous10:03 PM

    What an absolutely GORGEOUS shot. WOW. Perfect in every way.
    We took both kids to see it yesterday. The 6 yr old LOVED it. THE 4 yr old was "undecided" and the parents, well, let's just say we thought it was absolutely magnificent. Probably more suitable for adults than kids in all honesty! But wonderful nonetheless...

  3. Pascale, I agree, Pixar never disappoints with their movies.

    Thanks agapa :)

    Thanks Jeannie :)

  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Your photos are just great! They can make everybody smile! I like this most of all ( I saw it in the magazine. ( I shall visit your blog many times! :) It is realy great!
    P.S. My English is rather bad (I live in Russia), so excuse me if I had some mistakes. :) Удачи!