May 16, 2009

Blown Away

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I'm constantly blown away at how the two K's have grown so much. I seem to make a post like this every six months or so, but it really is amazing to see how children grow and progress. I can't believe that Kristin has almost finished a school year, and that she'll be starting 1st grade this year. Kayla will also be turning 3 this year. Can you believe that this is Kristin just 2 years ago, about a month before she turned 3?

I'm 3!


  1. oh i'm blown away with kayla's latest pic too!!! makes me want a girl sooooooooooooo much! lucky that you got three beautiful ladies at home! :P

  2. amazing shots.. so cute.. so well composed...

    and both of them.. so so so so cute..

    i've just read two post and i'm already in love with this blog

  3. Thanks Amy : ) We should trade for a day, you might change your mind ; )

    Thanks Rishi : )

  4. :o amazing photos!

    Hope to hear from you,
    Monika ♥

  5. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Beautiful. I completely understand. I have two girls, ages 2 and 4 (nearly five in two months!) and sometimes it will hit me out of nowhere that my two year old speaks in full sentences and make the quirkiest statements and my four year old makes the most interesting obvservations and it brings a tear to my eye that as they are... will never be again, one day older... it saddens me because I'll miss their 2 and 4 year old self. But then I realize I'll get to know them all over again as they grow and change... sigh...

  6. Hi Coley,

    I know, just today, Kayla goes "Easy peezy, lemon squeezy." I had a puzzled look on my face like, where the heck did she learn that, and she said it so fluently too. Cracked me up.

    All we can do is cherish these moments, and enjoy them while we can.

  7. monica is now 6 months pregnant and i only hope to document my kids as well as you. i know at times i'm shy to take personal pictures... i'll even go as far as say "embarrassed" to take a pic but whenever i look back at moments i was able to capture, no matter how shy i was at that moment, i never once regretted it. =)

    please keep it up. you're doing us all a huge favor.

    thanks for being an inspiration.


  8. Wow Ed, I can't believe Monica is 6 months already! You guys must be super excited, heck I'm excited for you guys! Make sure you document everything you can, as these memories will last a lifetime.

  9. What a fantastic idea for your kids. The images are amazing and I love the short stories. Great keepsake. I really enjoyed your blog.

  10. Thanks for checking out the blog Tamara : )