Feb 20, 2011

Too much TV turns you into....

couch potatoes

We don't let the kiddos watch a lot of TV, maybe 3-4 hours per week. When they do watch TV, they just veg out and don't move during the entire duration. I can see where the term 'couch potatoes' comes from.


Thanks to Clint Davis for making the new header


  1. The header is great! I always wanted to click on the individual squares that the previous header consisted of. Le sigh.

  2. Precious couch potatoes! I so enjoy following this blog. Such creativity and adorable kids! Thanks for sharing!

    Also great new header!

  3. Your photos are so amazing--I am always guaranteed a "LOL." This one had my son laughing too.

    You had to have been born with that creativity. Can one learn such things?!!

  4. We prefer books rather than TV but sometimes our Girls and Boy can watch their favorite movie. Sometimes ;) You photos and ideas are amazing!

  5. LOL @Mollie, that's exactly why we changed it. Jason you must have the happiest kids in the world, they're always so giggly and smiling... and me too :)

  6. the header is pretty darn snazzy actually.

    great photo...can tell they had a blast with that one!

  7. lol I thought they were eggs before I read hahaha.

  8. kkkkkkkkkk So funny!!! ;)
    U´re right! :) Children must live, not be sit and "eating" TV!!!
    Kisses from Brazil!