Jun 6, 2010

Picture day

It's that time of year again for dance studio pictures. This is the 2nd year that we've done photos through Kristins dance class, and it's always such a pain in the rear. Last year we waited in 100 degree weather, and it was so disorganized........this year was no different.

Kristin doesn't seem to enjoy putting on makeup......

but she really does....

She seems so grown up now, but there's always these small things that remind me that she's still a little girl.

She really liked her fancy new outfit that she gets to wear for the Daddy/Daughter dance.



  1. They are indeed growing up, and fast too!

    btw, your book eventually made it to Belgium. It arrived in NY jùst after my friend had left for Belgium. But luckily, I found some friends back here who were willing to pick it up for me on their next trip to NY.

    I enjoyed it, pretty good quality prints. My little niece (2yr, getting towards 3yr now) is now obviously challenging her uncle to make equally good pictures as she also thought the book was fab!

  2. Everything u do, u do so well.. amazing

    Do u use the lensbaby? Or is it just wide aperture?

  3. Oh she is getting to be so grown up. I love the photo of her feet on the stool!

  4. Hi Pladys, glad to see you got the book : )

    Thank you AngeloDavidKevin, I used an 85 1.2 for all these shots.

    Thanks Georgia, she is growing up so fast, both of them. I wish I could just slow down time for a bit.

  5. Breathtakingly gorgeous!!

  6. I think we have that same stool - does it fold up?

    It's nice that you take photos for the dance class. I'm sure the families love them.

  7. Beautiful Kristin.
    So breathtaking!!!
    Fantastic photos, once again, of course lol ;)