Feb 12, 2009

the sweetest things


The kids say the most random things sometimes, and it is always so sincere.

Kristin had been introduced to the concept of people passing away when she asked about Selina's father a while back. Selina told her that he had gone to the stars above. Then, just last night, Kristin said, "Mommy, if you go up to the stars, I will come get you and bring you back down."


Now on the other hand, Kayla just cracks me up with her random sayings. After picking her up from school the other day, she goes:

Kayla: I want Mulan song. I want Mulan CD.

Me: We don't have that CD Kayla.

Kayla: We can go buy it. We can go buy it at Target.

Me: Honey, we can't buy everything you want. Things cost money you know?

Kayla: I can get you money. I can get money for YOU.

Me: Really? Do you have money?

Kayla: No, but we can go to Target to get some.


  1. hahaha, I love Kayla's response to the money problem. That is so darned cute.

    Awesome pics too.

  2. lol, yeah, they say the funniest things : )

  3. That cracks me up! Those are moments you always want to remember. =-)

    Great photos! I like your own blogger profile photo, too. When you say that you use a beauty dish with diffusion material, do you have the beauty dish a foot or two behind the material (like a shoot-through umbrella or something?)



  4. Anonymous3:14 PM

    wwwwoooww all photos of your children are really FANTASTIC!!!! You are very talented photographer and your daughters are beautiful girls.

    Have a nice day
    Marta aka Martencja

  5. Thanks Tom!

    The diffusion material is from a broken shoot through umbrella : / Those things don't like to be blown around, lol. I removed the stitching and folded the material in half. I then used clamps to secure it to the dish so the light is a little softer and less 'contrasty'.

  6. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Target seems to be THE place to go =D

  7. cruelphoto:

    lol, it's like an amusement park for kids. They got it all. Toys, candy, snacks, rides in shopping carts, heck according to Kayla, they have money too!

  8. they're just too cute! i wish they won't grow so fast and can keep that innocent mind/heart longer!

  9. Hi Amy,

    I know, I wish they would never lose their ability to speak whatever is on their mind.

  10. Yeah, I love the comments they make. Yesterday my 5 year old son tells us at dinner that he wants a brother so he asked that I put a seed in Mommy's tummy so a baby grows in there.

    They are so innocent.

    What kind of lighting did you use for those shots? Did you apply the vignetting in Photoshop?


  11. Terry, that's a cute story : )

    The lighting was a diffused beauty dish about 2 ft away. Slight vignette was added in Lightroom.

  12. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Jason that is so funny!!! I had a similar conversation with my daughter last week and she was like: "just use that card you use all the time mommy!?" I then spent 20 minutes trying to explain how a credit card works to a 4 yr old.... As soon as she had grasped that concept she retorted, : "ok then, just go to the ATM machine then!" sigh.....

  13. the oldest - sweet
    the youngest - funny

    i've got that same lovely mix at my house.
    and aren't blogs just the best way to keep these little memories (that are so big) to savor later on?

  14. Pascale, that is hilarious. Fortunately, Kristin hasn't discovered the concept of credit cards yet. We just introduced the idea of saving by buying her and Kayla a piggy bank.

    Elizabeth, I totally agree on blogs being a great way to save these memories. I'm sure the kiddos will have a big laugh at some of the things they're doing and saying in the future.

  15. Wow! They express themselves so well! I think what Kristin said was so touching and thoughtful! I don't think I could ever come up with something as romantic or dear as that! And, Kayla is hilarious...hahaha!!! What cutie pies! :)

  16. mushroommeadows, yeah, I love how they can melt your heart with the most simple of words.

  17. Jason -
    Just found your blog recently. I am such a huge fan already. I seriously looked back a couple years to see all your amazing pictures. I think it is great how you respond to comments. Amazing work. I am somewhat partial to your models since my little ones are part Japanese. Your girls are so cute. Thank you for sharing your talent in this way :)

  18. Thanks for the kind words Michele. It's so amazing to look back at the images, and see how much they've grown over the past few years.

  19. Hahah... your girls are really adorable and smart too!!