Feb 28, 2009

Another episode of funny things

Yesterday after dinner we picked up some ice cream and had some in the car. It was getting late and both of the kids were getting tired. After driving for about 15 minutes, we noticed Kayla dozing off in the back. I tried to keep her awake by offering her some more ice cream and of course she immediately perked up and was wide awake. Right before offering the ice cream to Kayla, Kristin was blabbering her mouth off and fidgeting around. Next thing you know, I see Kristin pretending to be asleep with a smirk on her face. She's a clever one.


More kphonics:

Madam Item: "Can we watch Madam Item? I want Madam Item". 

(American Idol)

Friderday: "Can we go to the park on Friderday?"

(Not sure what that is?)


  1. So funny! One of my favorite thing about our toddler is the funny way he mispronounces things! And love the portrait posted today. You're kids are so great to let you take photos of them all the time. And you have the most eclectic eye! This portrait is so somber and adult, and last week I faved on flickr the silly and bright one with bubble beard! You have some talent and I'm envious!

  2. Thanks Cari. I love the mispronounced words too. Luckily I have Kristin to translate for me, otherwise we'd be scratching our heads constantly.

  3. Anonymous5:21 AM

    the photo is amazing.
    For months my son asked for an "atty, tatty" and just about melted down when we would not give it to him. Well, come to find out, someone told him a "crabby patty" was a hamburger. Crabby Patty is from sponge bob......
    We had no clue....

  4. What a smart cookie! :)

  5. Thanks Colepack. LOL, I could have never figured that out either.

    mushroommeadows, she's a clever one for sure. Somehow she always gets what she wants.

  6. Jayme3:57 PM

    Kristin looks so grown-up in this portrait! She looks so serious, it's almost funny!

  7. Anonymous9:29 AM

    i came across ur blog early last year and have been reading it ever since.
    i love ur blog. i always have this very warmth feeling when i read it everytime. ur girls are really cute and u're a great photographer.
    post some family photos sometime, maybe?(:


  8. Hehe... Perhaps she meant TGI Friday! for Friderday :P