Jan 5, 2009

wouldn't it be great.....

wouldn't it be great pt. 2, originally uploaded by jwlphotography.

if someone invented a kid washing machine. I would pay a pretty penny for something like that.


So today when I went to pick Kayla up from daycare, her teacher comes up to me and goes, "You know, Kayla just had a time out 20 minutes ago and was crying and screaming." 

In my head I wasn't thinking, OK, what did she do now. Instead of thinking about what Kayla had done, I was wondering, really, a time out, AND she cried?!? You see, time outs no longer work on Kayla. We can put her in a corner, we can threaten her all day long, but time outs just don't work anymore. I'm not sure why, but when we punish her by putting her in a corner, she just sits there like nothing happened and even smiles sometimes. We now have to employ another tactic. Food. Yes, food. She loves to eat, especially fruits and vegetables. So instead of threatening her with a time out, we just say "Ok, no fruit for you", or "No snacks for you". And it works!

After her teacher had told me that Kayla was crying during her time out, I had to spill the beans that time outs don't really work on her. She agreed with me and said "Yeah, they usually don't work with her, but today she started crying and screaming at the top of her lungs. I don't know why. I was getting the snacks ready for the kids and told her she would be last at getting her snacks since she was in time out."

I guess I should have told her sooner. 


  1. lol. the time out story is hilarious! no snacks for you!

  2. hahaha awesome. "she just sits there like nothing happened and even smiles sometimes." lol.

  3. cute little kid washer. :) i want an adult version of it, too. :)

    oh, and I think that is too funny that Kayla likes food that much! :)

  4. lol, I know right? Time outs don't phase her in the least, but take away her food...She's having none of that.

  5. Definitely one of your best shots! :)
    I love it!
    And the story about Kayla is hilarious.
    I don't know if all children are the same. But your girls reminds me so much of my boys in the way they react. My little one is just like Kayla: Food comes first!! :D