Jan 11, 2009


aaaaa-aaaaa-choo, originally uploaded by jwlphotography.

Yup.....kids are sick.....again.... I hope they get better before our trip to Tahoe next week. It always starts with Kayla, then me, then either Selina or Kristin. Kristin is usually pretty resistant to whatever germs Kayla brings home, but this time, she got hit too. Sick or not, the kids are still running around, singing, and fighting.

Speaking of fighting, we had a discussion with Kayla's teachers at school. We were told that Kayla was punching another child in school. It sounded pretty serious, as the teacher was saying that Kayla was "pounding the other child with her fists". I'm not sure where she is picking up on this behaviour, but she is bringing it home too, hitting her sister and even us. Sweet, innocent Kayla is not so innocent anymore. Terrible 2's, here weeee go!


  1. Hey Jason,

    Great photography you display here! We are expecting our first baby soon and your work is a real inspiration to me. I don't really know where you get the time and energy to shoot such amount of great photo's besides the every-day hassle of raising kids and other work.

    My deepest respect for everything you do. Needless to say that I will regularly drop by here ;-)



  2. Thanks Roeland! Congratulations on your upcoming addition to the family. Juggling personal time is definitely hard, but you get used to it : )


  3. excellent, as all the picture I see on your blog !