Apr 2, 2013

Meet Voldie

What did I get myself into? With 2 rambunctious girls in the house already, a third won't be too bad, right?


When Kristin was younger (3-4 years old), she would always ask for a puppy. We promised her when she turned 10, we would think about it. She never forgot those words, and it seemed almost every year, she would bring it up and we would always try to talk her out of it. "How about a pet rock? How about some fish? You know, stuffed animals make great pets!" Well, she turns 10 this year and we kept our promise.

Meet Voldie (short for Voldemort).


We brought her home a month ago from a great breeder in Ripon. Kristin had the biggest grin on her face when we met her.


Things she likes. Balls, grass, bark, rocks, eating anything and everything that she finds on the floor.


She slept a lot the first few days. I thought it was super.



Kayla loves to play with Voldie, except when she is nipping and jumping all over her.





She's not as big of a fan of water as the kids are.






Kayla was trying to teach her how to play piano.


"Too hard to teach piano, I think I'll just tell her my funny jokes."


For a dog that doesn't like water, she sure seems interested in baths and toilets.


Kristin found a new use for Voldie, a nice warm soft pillow.


If there is a bathtub or toilet, you'll find Voldie, or rather she will find you while you are taking a bath or using the toilet.


Just like the girls, she grows so fast.



  1. Love that they named the puppy Voldemort!!!

    Labs usually love water too. :)

  2. As always I love your great photographs. Your daughters are precious and the new family member adorable. I have had my Dante for two years now ... (Hadn't had a dog for 16 years) ... a LOT of work but so totally WORTH IT! Enjoy Voldie!

  3. She's so beautiful! I'm glad you kept your promise ;)

  4. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Facebook page for Voldie please?? :)

  5. Your posts always bring a smile to my and my wife's faces, and this was no exception. We're both looking forward to watching the pup grow alongside your daughters. What a wonderful addition to the family!

  6. Voldie!!!! Love her!!!!!

  7. LOL I love the pup's name! I named an ex that for many posts lol...Congrats on the newest addition!

  8. Hi Jason,
    I have been enjoying your photography for a while. Now I am just laughing out loud at this. Meet our "Gryffindor", a labradoodle, as shown in our holiday card this past season: http://eileensawyer.com/2012/12/holiday-cheer/
    I enjoyed seeing the similarity, as I definitely took inspiration from your work when this image was conceived. The coincidence of the Harry Potter themed dog names is too much!
    Eileen Sawyer

  9. She's so beautiful! There will definitely be some trying times, but you will never find a better best friend. We adopted a rescued lab that had been abused and thrown away, and he has turned out to be a wonderful dog. :) Just hide your shoes and TV remotes now!

  10. Awww! It is so cute! I'd like to have one too:)

  11. Чудесный щенок! Прекрасные фото работы!

  12. Wonderful photos as always Jason! And congrats for the new family member who's really cute.

  13. Awwww you named her Voldie! SO CUTE!

  14. miss your pics and seeing the girls! what a sweet addition to the family!

    and i want a pet too! :)

  15. I have a Lab puppy too :) I can't wait to see the lot of funny photo with the girl and the puppy :)

  16. Maybe you and your wife should have told her she could have one when she "can take care of it" or when "have [her] own house" like my parents!

  17. The puppy looks lovely :)

  18. those are beautiful pictures!

  19. those are beautiful pictures!

  20. Hey plenty excellent puppy, also you both are. Like most this kinda of adorable and artistic blog. Thanks a for share amazing moment with us. Thanks a lot.

  21. please post more photos of Voldie, ( such a big name for cute little puppy ) i believe she will be BFF of your girls . Happy puppy

  22. Woof Woof for Dummy books Hahaha :) very funny

  23. O my god,they beautiful. So cute and funny. Dog plaing piano ^_^

  24. Glad to see you posting again! I know life can be busy but your photos are too gorgeous not to be shared! Thank you!

  25. Anonymous12:57 AM

    What a gorgeous set of pics!! I am a lab breeder in NZ, and have always promoted our labs as great family pets. They have a special bond with children and this just confirms my beliefs. I have shared your story our Facebook page Laurelwood Labradors!!! Thanks so much for sharing them. Regards Sue

  26. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Thanks for sharing this- I love the photography! I have a black lab and its so hard to capture their features

  27. Was really laughing hard after seeing Kayla and Voldie in the toilet. And as usual, I love your photos. *sighs* Kids really grow up fast these days. Next thing I know, I'll be walking down memory lane through these pictures.

  28. Your girls are so cute, and your little puppy is too. Great fun for the family. Just make sure you keep her away from your shoes (is that in the book?).

  29. wow great photos

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  31. I love the name choice for your dog :)

  32. Wow. These photographs made my cry. Not because they're sad, but because I'm flooded with emotions right now. I miss the good old times and you're so talented! You make it look so easy to capture those true moments of life. My biggest wish is to be as good as you are some day. This is what I really hope for.

  33. Your pictures made my cry. I'm flooded with emotions. You make it look so easy to capture those moments of your daughters life full of joy and just truth. I wish I could be as good as you are some day. This is what I really hope for.

  34. this is just lovley!!!!! Will have to try this with my girls! WOn't be as good but we sure will have fun tryin!!!!!

  35. I met someone who said that they wanted a black lab but thought it would be too hard to photograph. ><"
    You make it look too easy!

    Long time fan of your work! Keep up the great photos :)

  36. Irene6:13 PM

    Long time fan of your work! :)
    Keep up the great photos, its wonderful watching your daughters grow up -- they are going to have a wicked scrapbook or memory book when they get older. Love the new puppy --- super cute! Welcome Voldie!

  37. Wow.
    Nice Pictures. And the girls seem to enjoy a lot too :D

    Regards from Nagaland