Sep 24, 2009

We are siamese if you please....


Sharing. It's a difficult concept for these 2 to grasp. I can't just buy one of anything anymore, things are always purchased as a set. If not, I'll never hear the end of it. I need to figure out how to get them to share.


What is it with kids and their fascination with the word. Kayla has started to use the word in a variety of ways, mainly as an insult. "Poopoo head", "Poopoo Baby", or just "POO!"seems to come out her mouth when she's upset or in an argument with Kristin. She also uses the term in different situations:

Like when she is feeling constipated. "My POO is not working."
After she farts and doesn't have the urge to poo anymore. "Daddy, I'm not Poo-Poo-ish any more."


  1. OMG.. I`ve been looking thru your blog and I love it! I mean LOVE it.. your pictures are beautiful and so much fun, I think I have to copycat some ov them, you are such an inspiration. And your two little ones, they are georgeus.. Can`t wait to see more

  2. What a great shot: I love the way they are both looking off-camera, in different directions. How many shots did you have to take to get a hit here, and is that real, cooked spaghetti they're sharing? Did it break much?

    Greta work, as usual

  3. LOL, Blake is going through that stage too, also uses the word butt for no particular reason, go figure {shrug}

  4. Thanks folks : )

    David, it took about 3-4 frames for each kid...they kept gobbling up the spaghetti before I could take a picture lol The spaghetti held up pretty well, no breakage.

    Lisa, yeah, it seems they go through 'word phases'. Kayla was using 'butt' a lot too, but more because she was confused between 'but' and 'butt'.

  5. I LOVE your work so much. Your photos of your gorgeous girls are fantastic. I wish I could get as great 'candid' pictures of my kids as you do.

    As for "poop", it takes a while to grow out of that. My husband still favors that word as well and has taught it to our twins. They giggle at the word (husband included).

    As far as sharing, good luck with that, let me know how you figured it out. I have always had to buy two of everything.

  6. My brother and one of his friends had a "bottom" phase when they first started school. Every time the teacher turned her back they were pointing and saying "bottiiiim" and giggling. This continued to the point that parents were involved!