Apr 14, 2009

spring cleaning

spring cleaning, originally uploaded by jwlphotography.

I really don't like cleaning our house. At our old house it took about an hour and a half or so to pretty much vacuum, clean the hardwood floors, and dust. Now it's an event that usually takes 3 times as long, and the house still 'feels' dirty...ugh.


I ran across this video on youtube and just had to share it. I wonder how long it took to pull something like this off.


  1. This is a re-take of what's been done earlier on in England as an advert for a TV show.
    In this TV show, the makers are looking for a girl playing the lead role in The Sound of Music.
    This video is for the Belgian show.

    On another note: I can't believe what a slave driver you are! And you even force your daughter to smile whil doing all that hard labour ;-)

  2. I just trying to begin again to use FlyLady Method to be more efficient in cleaning my house.
    "A little bit every day" instead of "to long time once a week and with a poor result".

    The video is astonishing and really wonderfull.

  3. Thanks for the info Mike. It was an amazing video.
    Lol, gotta start them young ; )

    Cleanettte, the internet is awesome. Thanks for the FlyLady advice. I'm checking out the website right now.

  4. I'm a belgian girl and reading your blog for a long time. Great to see that the video goes accross the world!!

    I think your photos are awesome!

  5. I laughed so hard at that photo!
    Great frame, and I'm writing this in the middle of my house cleaning so I can relate to your feeling about it :)

  6. Thanks N.Y Photography

    Ilan, lucky you : )

  7. Anonymous7:13 PM

    lol i love this video! i watch it everytime im down.

    it just peps me up!


  8. Anonymous6:54 AM

    That made me smile - what a wonderful way to start my day - thanks!