Dec 5, 2008

Kayla in print

I got a nice surprise in the mail the other day and thought it was pretty neat. Kaylas picture got published in a European magazine called 'TOMORROW'.

This was the original image:

Santa Claus........

It's nice to see photos in print vs looking at them on your computer all the time. 


We went to the annual lighting of the trees last night here in San Ramon. The kids were so excited as this was the first time they have been to one. Although I brought my camera with me, hoping to catch some of the festivities, I didn't even take one picture of the event : ( I did manage to snap a few pictures of them before we left though. You can see how excited and happy they were.  
little k

big K


  1. wow! that's great that kayla's picture got printed! such a cute pic, too! :) The kids look super excited about the tree lighting!

  2. Haha, yeah, they were pretty excited. I wish I would have taken some pictures though.

  3. Do you have umbrella and light pre-setup by the door so you can just pick them up and snap nice pictures between stepping out of door. :)

    Kids look adorable and congra to Kayla on getting her picture published. heh.

  4. lol, yeah, pretty much. I always have a light stand open so i can just throw a speed-lite and umbrella on.

  5. i've said it before but i have to say it again! you have SUCH pretty little girls!

  6. Thanks Elizabeth, they sure don't get their looks from me.

  7. congrats on the publication jason. keep up the awesome work! i like the pic of little k in pink and pigtails. so cute.

  8. Congrats on the publication! Very impressive idea and creativity you have. Am really inspired by your shots!

  9. Thanks Ted : ) Hopefully this year I can come up with something just as creative. I got a few ideas in the works, just need to find the time to shoot them.

  10. Ah!
    I have seen that magazine. :) (German ;D)