Aug 21, 2008


iKids, originally uploaded by jwlphotography.

So I've had this thing for a little over 2 weeks now, and I can say, this thing ROCKS!

Today was Kristin's last day of daycare/preschool, and she starts Kindergarten on Monday. I feel sorry for Kayla since I don't know who she is going to play with, and now there is no big sis to look after her. I feel the same about Kristin, and how she is going to handle a new school, with new classmates, and new environment. It's sad to realize that my little girls are growing up so fast.

PS I'd like to thank Vanessa for the awesome Sesame Street gear you sent. The kids absolutely love it, and are sporting the new outfits in the above picture. Thanks again.

sesame street

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