Aug 6, 2007

I want go on that thing

We went to Fisherman's Wharf this past weekend, and you know Kristin.....if she sees the merry go round, she has to get on it. It was so funny, she doesn't know the English word for it, so she kept going, "I want go on that thing, I want go on that thing." Selina kept teasing her, "What thing, what thing? What is that called?" Finally, Kristin goes " I want to go on that keh-mook-mah!"

After Fisherman's Wharf, we went to visit my Grandma in Chinatown. Kristin liked to peek out the window, looking for familiar cars.

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  1. I abdolutuley love your work!! I am taking a photography class, and i totally want my pictures to come out like that. But..not so much.Your girls are super cute. I wish i had people eager to stand in front of the camera for me. Super!!